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unmasked, Karen May, Amayzing Graces

It’s funny how the meaning of phrases can change so drastically in a short amount of time. I was listening to a talk the other day, and the speaker talked about taking our masks off and showing our true selves to God.⁣

It has a whole different meaning today, doesn’t it??⁣

I think the concept may have a bit more power now.⁣

I wear my mask to protect myself and others. I wear my mask to help others feel safe and comfortable. I take my mask off when I am with someone very close to me. Taking my mask off means that they know me, they can trust me, and they can understand me so much better because they can hear me more clearly and can see my facial expressions more completely.⁣

unmasked, Karen May, Amaying Graces

So, when someone reminds me to take my mask off when I go to God, I understand that I need to remove all the things that get in the way of God seeing me and of me seeing God. He knows me. I can trust Him. God understands me completely, no matter what masks I have put on, but I understand myself and God better when I take them off.⁣

If I go to prayer and try to make my prayer sound better with lofty language, with praise for people I really don’t intend to praise, or with promises I don’t want to follow through on, I am covering myself in masks.⁣

Instead, I can come humble, imperfect, frustrated, prideful, sinful, joyful, grateful, or some combination of all of the above. And when I come that way, God enters in a very personal and intimate way. I don’t have to hide any of it – it’s not hidden from God anyway. It’s hidden from me.⁣

When I take off my mask, God enters in and heals me, celebrates with me, comforts me, corrects me, and loves me. It’s a wonder that it’s so hard to do.⁣

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