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From my recent retreat, "Restored: Reconnecting with God and with each other"


"Genuine in her love for God and Trinity, and she sure shares it well! Her questions for interaction were thought provoking and nourishing. As a Spiritual director, myself, she sure spoke to my heart"

"I have adopted the practice of daily thankfulness for my blessings. I am also encouraging my children and grandchildren to do the same. I would give the retreat a solid five."

"I thought her presentations were excellent, practical, and very doable. I thoroughly enjoyed her personal relatable stories and would welcome her back for future topics!"

"She was a pleasure to listen to and enjoyed hearing her experiences and sharing her knowledge. The topic was meaningful and well presented."

"She gave us food for thought, enough sharing time, and made it fun. I appreciated Karen coming to share Mass with us. Glad I was able to come."

"I really like her visiting the tables and talking with ladies. I loved the stories of her family and her examples."

“Karen is such an engaging person! She spoke to our group with honesty, warmth and humor sharing stories that were completely relatable and making faith seem utterly accessible”

"Karen has deeply moved me. Her spiritual direction was recommended to me by my parish priest and I found in her a great companion to understand my struggles and then  prayerfully pull me out of them. Forever Grateful."

Caitlin, Texas

"Karen is a beautiful example of a real life hands on Christian soldier who is so approachable, intelligent and loving."

"I love Karen's bible study. It is so simple and un-intimidating, but every page contains a gem. There are so many treasures that you can hold onto in each lesson. During conflicting times as these, this book is reassuring especially if you are having trouble forgiving. This is one of God's answers to prayer. You want to know peace? You want to know joy? This study has it and the weekly activities to help with your connection to God."

Monika, Texas

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