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Speaking Topics

Walking Through Holy Week


The days leading up to Easter hold many treasures for our faith. Whether in a

talk or a retreat, Karen May makes the story come alive as she explores the

Masses of Holy Week and helps attendees encounter Jesus in a deep and

personal way as they journey to the empty tomb of Easter.

Encounter Jesus in a deep and personal way as you journey to the empty

tomb of Easter.

                                           Calm in the Storm

                                                                           With anxiety, depression, and suicide rising at alarming rates,

                                                                           Karen May brings a fresh and hopeful approach to the struggles

                                                                           that are so common in our world today. Her Biblical and practical

                                                                           message provides attendees with simple yet powerful tools to

                                                                           build a life of joy and peace.


                                                                          Karen’s Biblical and practical message provides attendees with

                                                                          powerful tools to build a life of joy and peace.

Fired Up!

In a retreat or individual talk format, Karen guides attendees through prayer,

Scripture, and personal stories to discover the power of the Holy Spirit and

that a Spirit-filled life theirs for the taking.

An inspiring message of hope and grace, helping attendees to discover and

live a Spirit-filled life.



I Need Some Mary in my Martha


An inspirational and refreshing look at the story of Martha and Mary. Service, prayer, hospitality, and love all come into play as we search for the “better part” that Jesus speaks of.


Amayzing Graces Media Kit

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