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The best way to grow closer to God is by spending time in His presence in prayer and by studying Sacred Scripture. 


I find such joy helping people see how deeply they are loved by God, and seeing them fall in love in return. I pray that my studies bring you closer to God than you ever imagined you could be.

Bible Studies

Draw Near

Prayer serves as a powerful tool to bring us closer to God, fostering a profound connection that enriches our spiritual journey. While there are times when prayer comes effortlessly, yielding abundant fruits, there are other times when prayer feels devoid of inspiration and purpose. Join Karen May in a transformative six-week audio study, “Draw Near,” where she skillfully breathes life into the essence of prayer. Karen’s unique approach encompasses captivating storytelling, practical techniques, and clear explanations of the Catholic Church’s teachings, helping you to ignite a deep and intimate relationship with God.


Purchase the downloadable audio sessions and accompanying workbook for individual or group study.


As we approach the Easter season, many of us strive to keep the season intentional and inspirational for ourselves and for our families. However, in our busy and commercial world of fancy baskets and chocolate bunnies, the sacredness of the holiday is sometimes missed, like a well-hidden Easter egg. 


This Lent, discover the beauty of Easter as Karen reveals the treasures woven into each liturgy and event of Holy Week, helping us to experience the joyful expectations of Palm Sunday, the devastating pain of the cross, and the awe-inspiring wonder of the resurrection in a way that make the events of Holy Week personal, relevant, and meaningful.

Walking Thrugh Holy Week by Karen May
Be Not Afraid by Karen May
Be Not Afraid: Living with Faith
in the Midst of a Fearful World

“Karen’s Bible studies are unintimidating and deceptively simple. Each one is filled with moments of grace and deep understanding. She immerses you in the stories of the Bible and makes them relevant to your every day life.”

- Alice, Texas


"Draw Near provides practiced advice on how to think about and how to create and/or improve your prayer life. It helped me to understand that I’m not alone in my struggles and challenges with tips for overcoming them."

- Draw Near student

"This will be the study in which you fall in love with the Catechism and realize the richness of the text by getting in tune with your prayer life and realizing the varieties of ways the church offers for connection to prayer."

- Draw Near student
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