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Multitasking or Multifaceted?

I never have just one thing going on. I have two to three Bible studies at a time, two or three books I’m reading, and two or three events going on. Right now is no exception. I don’t have any books right now, but the rest is loaded up. So, you’ll be hearing about my Calm in the Storm class that I’m teaching right now (you can catch up if you sign up now at!) , and you’ll be hearing about Walking Through Holy Week (available at!) which is so relevant and the topic of my talks right now, and we’ll be living out our Lent with prayer, fasting, and almsgiving on my social media.

It can be a little overwhelming, but I try to rest in the fact that none of our lives are singularly focused. I am a mother, a wife, an author, a speaker, a friend, a volunteer, a homeowner, a citizen, a Catholic, a Texan. All of those things exist simultaneously in me, and all of those things work together to make me who I am. Just as we are all parts of one body, these are all parts of my body. Rather than compartmentalize them, I can embrace them and see how each one contributes to the whole.

If you are feeling scattered, unfocused, and overwhelmed, I want to encourage you to join me in taking a fresh look at all that you are doing. How are all the parts of your busy life connected to create the beautiful gift that you bring to the world? Can you let go of the need to control and allow God to create balance? Hand all of it over and see what comes back to you. I imagine it will be something beautiful.

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