Finding God in our lives
is quite simple.
We just have to take
the time to look.

The Value of Simplicity

Have you noticed the austere beauty of the Lenten season? In our churches the lush beautiful flowers have been replaced with barren branches. The decorations are spartan, and the colors are deep and pure. I love the simplicity and space that is created this way. The form of each branch gently and beautifully leads your eye upward in the arrangements near the altar at my church. Without all the extra foliage, their true form is easy to see. Without all the extra decorations, the foundation they stood on is revealed. I think we strive for this simplicity in our practices of Lent. In taking away our distractions, remembering what is important, and giving more of ourselves than we usually do, we

A New Perspective on Lent

The Frost Tower in Austin is a unique architectural feature of the downtown landscape. It's tall silhouette and unique top stand out among the buildings around it, but the structure of the building isn't what captures the imaginations of the people who see it. Everyone sees something different in it. Some see an owl similar to the Rice University mascot looking down over the University of Texas campus. Others see the tip of tweezers rising into the sky. Then someone told me it looked like nose-hair clippers and I've never been able to unsee it. We can see things from so many perspectives, and each one helps us see something unique about what we are looking at. As we come to the middle of Len

Jump-Start your Lent

How is your Lent going? If you need a little jump-start, try this prayer. It’s beautiful. God, Once again – For it is certainly not the first time You call me to return to the center that is you To your place, to your way of doing things. You have asked me many times to come back to the place where you dwell To listen only to you, to focus on you, to live intimately with you So here I am again, hoping that this time your word will take root and find a home within me Here and now, God, I recommit myself to you To find space and time to pray and to not conveniently forget in my busy days I reverence again your call to fast and not just “give up things” I want to fast from all that is negative,

Your Guide Through Lent

As we approach the upcoming Easter season, many of us strive to keep the season intentional and inspirational for ourselves and for our families. However, in our busy and commercial world of fancy baskets and chocolate bunnies, the sacredness of the holiday is sometimes missed, like a well-hidden Easter egg. This Lent, join me on a journey through Holy Week, discovering the stories and events that will lead to a deeply meaningful experience of Easter. This six-chapter study is available on Amazon, Zieglers.com, and at Book People in Austin.

Day of Prayer Retreat

Join me on Sunday, March 10, from 1-5 for the Let There Be Peace Prayer Retreat at St. Austin’s Catholic Church in Austin, TX. I’m excited to be speaking to you about prayer along with Michael Flahive and Laurie Kertz. Come prepare your hearts and minds for Lent! Located at 2026 Guadalupe St., Austin, Texas

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