Finding God in our lives
is quite simple.
We just have to take
the time to look.

Light in the Darkness

As we work our way towards Lent, we approach a very bleak season. All the flowers will be replaced with empty branches. The music at church becomes somber and serious. We are called to refrain, to hold back, to limit. It can feel very dark. But there is a beauty in darkness. Have you ever been out on a clear night in the middle of nowhere? We love to camp, and one of my favorite parts is after the sun goes down and the activity settles into staring at the fire and the sky. Being away from civilization allows us to see the stars and the Milky Way in a way that we just can't at home. It's stunningly beautiful. It is quiet and still. There are no distractions (usually) and nothing to cover up t

One Day is Like a Thousand Years

With the Lord one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years like one day. (2 Peter 3:8) I heard this and sat for a moment while it really sunk in. If one day is like a thousand years for God, then that means that every moment in my day, every moment in my life is an enormous expanse of time that has plenty of room for God to move. There is an incredible amount of time for God to act. If a thousand years is like a day, every one of those moments is seen in view of a much bigger perspective. Even the hardest day is just a blink of an eye in a much greater story. In our own lives, we get a glimpse of this. Looking back, each day blends into a larger picture. There might be a couple par

Our Effort or God's Gift?

I heard a TED Podcast recently that talked about how quickly we can lose sight of an advantage or privilege we have been given and turn it into something that we did on our own. In a game of Monopoly, one player was given twice as much money as the other and allowed to roll two dice instead of one. At the end, when they invariably won, they were asked why. Interestingly, the answers had to do with their skill in purchasing properties or in decisions they made about developing the properties. It never had to do with the fact that they were given a huge head start and double the opportunity to make it around the board each time. It is so easy for us to forget that we have been given much to st

Answering the Call

This weekend, we heard the story of Jonah and Ninevah. I love Jonah's little temper tantrum response and how it doesn't get him anywhere. God calls him to go to the people of Ninevah to convert them from their wicked ways. This historical enemy of Israel sitting halfway between the Mediterranean and Caspian seas was about the last place he would want to go. So, rather than heading inland, he jumps onto a boat. The complete wrong way. Of course, we know the story. God sends a storm, Jonah gets thrown overboard, gets eaten by a whale, and is finally spit back out on the shore. Try again. This time in the general land direction... When he is in Ninevah, Jonah tells them of their wrongdoing. Rat

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