Finding God in our lives
is quite simple.
We just have to take
the time to look.

Making the Hard Choices

I have a daughter who is horrible at making decisions. Everyone loves her because she is honestly happy with whatever they decide. What movie should we see? They're both great. What to eat for dinner? Everything is delicious. It's great. Sometimes, though, we have to make a decision. We need to choose. In the readings this weekend, there were two choices to make. Actually, they were really the same choice. Joshua stood before the people of God as they were living comfortably in the land they had been promised. All was well, life was comfortable, and there was no trouble on the horizon. It was going so well, that it would be easy to forget how they got there in the first place. It would be te

Music Monday: Drops in the Ocean

I want you as you are, not as you ought to be. Open your heart. It's time that we start again. We all have our moments of distraction, faltering, or just plain forgetting. Life is busy. Take a moment today and remember. You are loved, pursued, and forgiven. I hope you can hold onto that in a fresh way for a while.


More than likely you have heard about the latest in the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. 300 priests accused of horrible sexual abuse. Bishops covering up, moving, and hiding, rather than disciplining and demanding accountability. And I’m about to tell you that this report is a good and necessary thing. Not the abuse. Not the cover-ups. Not the shifting and moving around of problem priests. These acts were heinous, egregious, disgusting, criminal, and absolutely, unequivocally wrong. Period. It sickens me to hear the details and to think of the pain and suffering that was inflicted on the victims. None of that is okay on any level. The men who did this were not shepherds of God’s pe

Who's Praying for You?

Every once in a while I stop in a prayer and really think about what I'm saying. You know what I mean - that moment when you really hear what your saying or suddenly see it from a different perspective. This week it was the Hail Mary. It's always seemed funny to me that Mary is such a controversial person in the Christian faith. One area of difficulty for many non-Catholics that I know is how Catholics "worship" Mary. There are so many prayers and devotions to her, and I can understand how it looks like worship. I thought of that as I prayed this morning. However, the prayers to Mary are not asking for her to grant our wishes or answer our prayers, but instead is asking her to take our praye

Music Monday: Reckless Love (of God)

The overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God It chases me down, fights till I'm found, leaves the ninety-nine This is the love God has for us. Fierce, penetrating, and solid. It can be hard for us to believe, especially when we are going through something difficult, but it's true. Sometimes most clearly in those times of hardship. We just forget to look. Watch for it.

Fun Friday: Pure Gold

Today, we get a different perspective on Solomon and all of his gold. I love James Veitch. He takes a frustrating situation and makes it into something so fun. It almost makes you enjoy getting those crazy spam emails.


How often do we feel like we don't have enough? Jesus asks so much of us and we have very little to give? I don't have the right degree, the confidence, the skills, the ______________ (fill in whatever else you might be lacking) In John 6:1-15, the disciples feel the same way. Crowds fill the hillside, they're getting hungry, and Jesus asks where they can get food. These are not rich followers of Jesus. These are poor fishermen, men of modest means who know that even a year's wages won't be enough. All they have is the food from a young boy's lunch. Five loaves and two fish. Not enough. Send them home. Don't we say that when we look at the daunting problems we're asked to solve? Hatred, bigo

Music Monday: Hungry (Falling on my Knees)

I didn't realize that the title of this song was "Hungry," although I see why it's named that way. This longing, this desire for God, this need to be filled by Jesus is a hunger that we are all searching for and filling in various ways. St. Augustine looked everywhere and couldn't find what he needed until he realized that his search was in the complete wrong direction. He knew "our hearts are restless until they rest in you, Lord." If we live for Him, then we see the world through His eyes. His heart. And the world becomes a constant encounter with Jesus. Hungry? I think we're starving. Come and eat.

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