Finding God in our lives
is quite simple.
We just have to take
the time to look.

In Her Father's Eyes

I thought Pam was wonderful before I ever met her. Her father told me about her - how everyone wanted a hug from her, how she was much more popular than he was whenever she visited, how she helped him remember to treat others with kindness, and how her simple approach to life helped him to remember what was really important and let go of the rest. She is good for him and he is immensely blessed that she is in his life. It didn't take me long to connect with her when she finally came to town for a visit. I, like many others, was lined up to meet this unlikely mini-celebrity one morning after daily Mass. This young woman with Down's Syndrome welcomed me with a beautiful smile and open arms, ev

Walking Through Holy Week Retreat

Join me next weekend in Santa Rosa, California. I’m leading a day-long retreat to kick off Lent with a walk through one of the most beautiful days of Holy Week. For more information or to register go to www.holyspirit-sr.org/calendars/walking-holy-week/

God and IKEA

Have you ever tried to put IKEA furniture together? It's always intimidating to open the many page document filled with pictures, numbers, and not a single word in English. Even more, you know that each step has to be done in order and correctly or the furniture won't hold up. If a simple piece of furniture is so dependent on right-order, how can we think that our lives are any less so? The trick is figuring out how to keep our lives in the right balance. Fortunately, we have been given some tools. Praise and prayer are the most effective tools we have. Communication and connection put the pieces together in the strongest of fashions. We need to praise God, because in that process we become

8 Characteristics of True Love

We’ve heard these words before. We hear them at weddings as couples proclaim their love for each other and their commitment to remain in that love forever. Even then, we miss the bait and switch that is hidden within. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 1) Love is patient We fail and we falter. We make mistakes and we are thoughtless. Love knows and loves anyway. 2)Love is kind Life can be hard, life can be lonely. Love is kind because it understands. 3) Love is not envious or boastful or arrogant or rude Our joys and our triumphs are so much sweeter when we can share them honestly and openly with someone who is just as happy for us as we are. Our failures and struggles are so much easier when we can share

Loving Deeply

I am reminded, as we approach Valentine’s Day, that the more we love, the more we can see love, especially the love of God. One Christmas, my husband got me the perfect gift. Somehow, he noticed me admiring a large metal cross in a friend’s yard, contacted the person who made it, had one made for me, and delivered it on Christmas day without me having any idea what he had done. It’s beautiful, and I love seeing it outside our breakfast room window every day. What makes it even more beautiful is the love that came with it. Because I loved him, I could see the love he had for me in this gift. I could see his delight in finding something he knew I would treasure and in his ability to give me t

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