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Loving Deeply

The Truest of Loves, Delighting in God's love this Valentine's Day, Karen May, Amayzing Graces

I am reminded, as we approach Valentine’s Day, that the more we love, the more we can see love, especially the love of God.

One Christmas, my husband got me the perfect gift. Somehow, he noticed me admiring a large metal cross in a friend’s yard, contacted the person who made it, had one made for me, and delivered it on Christmas day without me having any idea what he had done.

It’s beautiful, and I love seeing it outside our breakfast room window every day.

What makes it even more beautiful is the love that came with it.

Because I loved him, I could see the love he had for me in this gift. I could see his delight in finding something he knew I would treasure and in his ability to give me the surprise of discovering it. I knew this because I loved doing the same thing for him.

I delight in my children. Because I do, I understand a little of how much God delights in me. I hurt for them when they fail, and do what I can to help them succeed. Because I do, I can see God lifting me up and setting me back on track. I am patient (mostly) when they don’t appreciate me. Because I am, I can see God’s patience with me when I don’t appreciate Him.

I delight in God. Because I do, I can delight in the children He gave me. I am cared for when I am broken. Because I am, I can care for the broken ones in my life. I am gently given nudges, hints, and signs to bring my heart back to the right place. Because I am, I can gently guide people who are given to my care.

God is love. When we love, we discover His love for us more deeply than we ever could without it. Have you ever experienced something that helped you understand God's love on a deeper level?

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