Finding God in our lives
is quite simple.
We just have to take
the time to look.

The Meaning of Life

What is the meaning of life? Why are we here? When we ask these questions, it may feel like there is no adequate answer. When we are in the midst of loneliness, fear, or suffering it is hard to find that meaning. Fortunately, we aren’t alone. Even in the Bible, the book of Ecclesiastes poses this question, wrestles with it, and finds that all of life’s efforts don’t really have much meaning if our lives in this world are all that matter. In the Gospel of Luke (12:13-21), however, we are reminded that there is much more to life that what we see. We build up treasure for ourselves, but in the end, we can’t take it with us. We preserve a reputation, but in the end, we are no different than the

Authentic Joy

In this Marie Kondo world, we’ve learned to search for our joy. Today I challenge you to look a little deeper. Don’t ask “What brings me joy?” Ask “What brings me joy that lasts?” What brings you joy? True joy. Fulfilling joy. Have you ever wondered? I’m sure you have, but have you discovered what it is? Saint Ignatius, before he was on the road to sainthood, was holed up for months healing from a war injury that would never heal enough for him to return to his beloved battlefield. He had been a man searching for glory and it was on his sickbed that he finally found it. As he recalled the stories of chivalry, romance, and military heroism he was inspired and energized. When he read the stori

So many graces

God works in the most wonderful ways. It has been a week since I gave my Calm in the Storm retreat, and the graces that have come from it have been incredible. I have spoken with a mother whose daughter is struggling mightily with anxiety and found moments of insight and blessing even in the darkest depths of the struggle. As she told me, “This is not only meant to change my daughter, but it is meant to change me.” And it is changing them both in ways that are bringing about stunningly beautiful lives of faith. I watched as friendships were formed not only in spite of, but because of the issues of anxiety, fear, and depression which are so naturally isolating. I dealt with my own daughter fa

God's Work in My Time

This summer, my husband and I were enjoying our no-kids vacation, eating at a shared table in a restaurant in New York. We started talking occasionally to the couple next to us after eating their bread that was delivered to the table. (We thought it was like the chips and salsa in Texas – a warm-up for your order. I swear!) By the end, the man next to us was sharing with me about a difficult relationship in his life and a letter he was wanting to send to repair the rift. As he asked for my advice and I gave it, my husband sat dumbfounded. My husband knows that this happens to me all the time, but he’d never been there to watch it all unfold. It’s not something that I manipulate or direct, bu

Finding Peace

This has been a such a crazy busy week for me. School has started, I have a lot on my plate, and more is being put on every day. Sometimes, I’m just not sure it’s all going to get done. Sound familiar? Since I know I’m not alone in this, I’ve created a devotional I want to share with you. It’s one of those things I added to my plate this week, but I needed it just as much as I imagine you do! "Five Devotions of Peace: Find Your Calm in the Storms of Life" will bring a calming, inspiring message each day to your inbox, reminding you of the purpose behind all we do. Click here for your free copy! P.S. If you’re coming to my retreat “Calm in the Storm” on Sept. 14 this is a great way to prepare

The Fruits of Our Labor

I love how we finish summer by taking a well-deserved break from working to celebrate Labor Day. As my children head back to school, and our routine becomes somewhat normal again, I feel like it’s more of a last hurrah, a final hold on summer that we have to release when Tuesday comes. For me, September always feels like a new start. Everyone moves up a grade, there is a new routine to figure out, new Bible studies to start, and hopefully some new and cooler weather to enjoy. I get a little head start with my children starting marching band rehearsals in August, but that just gives me time to get ready for the kickoff of the year. This year is an exciting one for me. I feel like God is leadi

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