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The Meaning of Life

Why are we here? Karen May, Amayzing Graces

What is the meaning of life? Why are we here?

When we ask these questions, it may feel like there is no adequate answer. When we are in the midst of loneliness, fear, or suffering it is hard to find that meaning.

Fortunately, we aren’t alone. Even in the Bible, the book of Ecclesiastes poses this question, wrestles with it, and finds that all of life’s efforts don’t really have much meaning if our lives in this world are all that matter.

In the Gospel of Luke (12:13-21), however, we are reminded that there is much more to life that what we see. We build up treasure for ourselves, but in the end, we can’t take it with us. We preserve a reputation, but in the end, we are no different than the person who has none.

The gifts that we receive – money, intelligence, birthplace, talents – are not meant for us to hoard and store for ourselves. When we are rich in what matters to God, everything we have has abundance, purpose, and a whole lot more value.

Have you seen that? I know that I have loaned money to a friend in need, and never missed it. I have sat with a child who needs comfort rather than work on all the things I needed to do, and somehow everything still got done. I have shared my talents with others and received the benefit of the talents of many others in return.

So when someone asks, “Why are we here?” I would say that we are here to experience and share in the richness of God, and our purpose and value are without measure when we do.

What would you say?

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