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In Her Father's Eyes

In Her Father's Eyes, Viewing Each Other Through God's Love

I thought Pam was wonderful before I ever met her.

Her father told me about her - how everyone wanted a hug from her, how she was much more popular than he was whenever she visited, how she helped him remember to treat others with kindness, and how her simple approach to life helped him to remember what was really important and let go of the rest. She is good for him and he is immensely blessed that she is in his life.

It didn't take me long to connect with her when she finally came to town for a visit. I, like many others, was lined up to meet this unlikely mini-celebrity one morning after daily Mass. This young woman with Down's Syndrome welcomed me with a beautiful smile and open arms, even though she had never met nor heard of me. She held court for several minutes and then left with her father for a busy day at the office. Each one of us left having been blessed by her visits just as her father is.

Now, whenever I see her visiting my heart is filled with joy. Joy for the happiness and peace she brings to her father, and joy for the chance to be a part of it myself.

I'm sure I would have enjoyed her if I had met her on my own, but I had a much better connection because I was able to see her through her father's eyes. Just a couple words and a smile showed me that all he said was true. It was a much faster connection than I ever could have made on my own.

When we are connected with God in the ways we have been talking about the last few weeks, we connect deeply with His heart. We can see with His eyes and trade our hearts for His. It is then that we can love well beyond human capabilities. We can connect more deeply, more genuinely, and more quickly than we can on our own.

In this Valentine's month, wouldn't it be wonderful to see each other with this kind of love?

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