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So many graces

Calm in the Storm, Karen May, Amayzing Graces

God works in the most wonderful ways.

It has been a week since I gave my Calm in the Storm retreat, and the graces that have come from it have been incredible. I have spoken with a mother whose daughter is struggling mightily with anxiety and found moments of insight and blessing even in the darkest depths of the struggle. As she told me, “This is not only meant to change my daughter, but it is meant to change me.” And it is changing them both in ways that are bringing about stunningly beautiful lives of faith.

I watched as friendships were formed not only in spite of, but because of the issues of anxiety, fear, and depression which are so naturally isolating.

I dealt with my own daughter falling apart one evening and was able to bring calm into the storm of her emotions. Having the chance to pray with her and over her was a moment of grace and connection that we don’t get very often on such a deep level. Of course, seeing the effects of those prayers wasn’t too bad either.

Whether or not you were able to come, I hope that you can see God’s presence in whatever difficulties may come your way today, tomorrow, or in the future. I pray that you find light in your darkness and joy in your moments of struggle. As I shared in the retreat – we are called to Step Up into God’s plan for us, we can Suit Up in the light and unrestrictive armor of God, and we must Look Up to see the One who lights our way.

Who’s ready?

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