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Music Monday: Completely by Ledger

Today's song can be a little tricky. When things are going great in our lives, and we can feel the blessings pouring over us, it is easy to say that God loves us.

When times are hard and life is challenging, it's a bit harder to believe even though it is so true.

I've shared some really challenging stories in the last few weeks, and it is perfectly reasonable to question how a loving God could allow each one. Where was He when these events happened? Why didn't He stop them?

I know I can't answer those questions in a way that will satisfy everyone's doubts, but I can tell you that God was present in each of them, and is present in the healing and restoration that is happening. He takes who we are, all of who we are, and if we allow it, He builds us into who we are meant to be.

He uses our strengths, our weaknesses, our joy, and our sorrow to bring us ever closer to Him.

The actual "tricky part" is letting God into all of it.


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