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Saying Yes

If He asked, we could walk on water, Karen May, Amayzing Graces

I want to say YES to God. Really I do. If He asks something of me, I want to do it without hesitation, without reservation, and without arguing.

But that's not what I do. Probably half the time, I want to say YES but I get stuck on some part of it that I don't like, can't do well, or don't believe I have the ability to do.

It's frustrating because I know deeply that doing what God asks always works out and works out well. So how do I quit arguing?

I think part of it is listening just a little longer. Maybe even asking a question or two. Even Mary asked the angel Gabriel how this whole pregnancy thing was going to work out. She already knew the mechanics, and this new plan didn't seem to fit the description, right?

So she asked. I'm sure she had many scenarios in her mind, and I'm even more sure that what actually happened wasn't one of them.

So often when I am struggling with a YES after discerning that what I am hearing is actually what God is asking of me, I am looking too closely at what I can't do. Mary asked, "How can this be?" not out of disbelief, but out of curiosity and willingness to follow whatever the plan might be.

I ask, "How can this be?" with an incredulous laugh on my lips, wondering if I got someone else's plan because this one sure doesn't seem to fit. I look at my weakness or my inability, rather than looking at the strengths and gifts I have that will fulfill that calling in a unique and special way.

I think that might be the key to breaking through this resistance. Listen for the call. When you hear the whisper or see the bolt of lightning, ask, "How can this be?" Then listen for the perfect way God has for you to fulfill His will as only you can.

It's much easier to say YES to that, don't you think?

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