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We were traveling home from Colorado one year and decided to drive as far as we could before we stopped. We mapped it out and thought we could make it to a small town at about midnight if all went well.

Things didn't go well.

There was a twenty mile stretch of road that was under construction about 30 miles from the town. Around midnight, it was a one-way road, and you had to wait for a lead car to take you through. We just missed the group going our way, so we had to wait over an hour for the car to return and then take us, ever so slowly and carefully, through the construction. At two in the morning, we roll into town, only to realize that every room is taken. All those construction workers had to stay somewhere. All the people who thought they would get further in a night had to stop. And they had all beat us there.

We eventually found a town down the road with one room available. Five of us slept in the king size bed, and my husband slept on the floor with one eye open for "critters." We didn't use the shower.

Needless to say, I feel deeply for Mary and Joseph as they discovered that their long journey would not end in the comfort of an inn. There would be no bed to rest in, no warm room to keep out the cold. Everything was full.

So they went on until they found a stable literally filled with critters.

How does Jesus find us this Advent season? Are our lives too full? Our hearts closed off? Or are they open and ready for Him?

Christmas is coming quickly. What are you doing to make sure you have room?​

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