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Fruits of the Spirit: Chastity

You are precious in my sight, Isaiah 43:4, Karen May, Amayzing Graces

Generally this is the least popular Fruit of the Spirit, but in reality it is the most beautiful. This is where we live most fully the value that we have in God’s eyes.

We are precious, beautiful creations who are to be treasured, honored, and loved. We are to treat ourselves this way and then extend that gift to others. If we could see others through God's eyes, we would never think of using them for our own pleasure or purposes. They would be too precious. If we could see ourselves through God's eyes, we would never allow ourselves to be used either.

Of course, our sexuality is at the forefront in this Fruit, but as I said in Self Control, we forget that these fruits are not restrictions but results.

The most precious gift we have been given is the ability to bring forth life through unity with another. When we see ourselves in that light, we live differently. We treat each other with the dignity that such a gift deserves.

Anything less is never enough.

Today, write yourself a note from God’s perspective, telling you how precious you are and how you can give life through your actions today.

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