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Fruits of the Spirit: Kindness

Love and kindness are never wasted, Fruits of the spirit, Holy Spirit, Karen May, Amayzing Graces

Our world needs kindness now more than ever. I could fill this page with examples of words, actions, movies, blog posts, and emails that are not only unkind, they are filled with hate. They are filled with a disdain for the value of anyone who looks, acts, or believes differently than the author does.

While it is easy to point the finger to these heinous examples, it is just as easy to gloss over our own. We may not be as bad as "them," but we all have our moments, don't we? You'd be a saint if you never reacted poorly to a situation or conversation.

We all know that we are called to something different. We are called to life filled with grace and love, but we also know that is much easier said than done.


our spirit is filled with the Holy Spirit.

When it is, we do random acts of kindness that come from our love of others. We are kind because we see the value of others with the heart of Jesus. He loved them so much that He was willing to die for them.

In today's challenge, do something kind for someone who would never expect it or who really seems to need it. Large or small, anonymously or not, whether you know them or not. Just do it. You might find it addictive.

📸: A May

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