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Music Monday: Even If by Mercy Me

It's hard to imagine that we can do good when we are in difficult times. Our pain and our struggles are something to be carried and endured until they are over. We need help, and we don't have anything to give to anyone else who needs it. Right?

So. Totally. Wrong.

I'm here to tell you that those are the moments when God's light shines through us the brightest. Even more, if we're looking, they are the moments when we see what His power looks like, because we know our power is so limited.

As someone who writes and inspires, I have to say that it is particularly difficult when I don't feel like I have the footing to stand and encourage others because I am discouraged myself. But it is precisely at those times when I understand deepest what needs to be said to those who are discouraged.

It's why I love this song. "What will I say when I'm held to the flame like I am right now?" When you ask this question, you have to answer it.

And as he continues to sing he answers it, doesn't he?

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