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Let the Word of Christ Dwell within You

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, Colossians 3, Karen May, Amayzing Graces

Not long after the Resurrection, Peter and some of the others went fishing. Yes, they had seen Jesus, but life had to go on, didn't it? You can't just sit and wait for Him to show back up again. There is work to be done, people to care for, things to set in order.

So life goes on. Time to go fishing. Not like we go fishing, but like a fisherman goes fishing - for his livelihood.

This is ordinary time. At least, this is how many of us do it. On some level, after forty days of Lent and fifty days of Easter, ordinary is sounding pretty good. But Jesus doesn't let us go back, really. Something has changed. Peter's fishing trip comes up empty until Jesus shows up again.

We're not as productive in ordinary time if we think that means leaving Jesus behind. In this fishing scene, the apostles have no idea what their new normal is going to look like. They've been getting hints, getting ready, and their lives are about to move in directions they never thought possible.

It can be intimidating to think your life is going to change so completely. I remember suddenly being terrified when my husband was figuring out this whole "God thing." As he was coming into faith, I saw a future in some African hut with no running water, no electricity, and lots and lots of scary bugs.

I can tell you now that God had to have been laughing at me, because that is not at all where my life was headed. Instead, I have running water, electricity, only a couple scary bugs, and still my life has turned completely upside down. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Let's go into ordinary time. Do the work, take care of the people, set things in order, and invite Jesus into all of them. In small ways or large, it changes things. Try it.

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