Is Lent over? Can I drink my coffee again?

Holy Thursday has long been a day of debate in our family. Officially, Lent is over, and we move into what is called the Triduum. At issue is whether chocolate, coffee, Netflix, or whatever else has been given up for the last forty days is available for guilt-free consumption. Some say that Lent is over, so there is no more need to wait. Others in the family say that Lent may be over, but Easter hasn’t arrived, so the waiting should and must continue. Even the priests we ask to help us solve our dilemma step clear of the quagmire and tell us to follow our consciences. I’m sure there will be another round of accusatory glances this year as some in the family trot out their treats before the Easter bunny has had a chance to deliver them.

(Excerpted from Walking Through Holy Week)

I'd love to hear from you. When do you indulge in the things you've done without for Lent?

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