Fruits of the Spirit: Self-Control

These last ones are hard, aren't they? Modesty, self-control? How are we supposed to have any fun?

We forget that these fruits are not restrictions but results. These are not things that are demanded of us, they are things that flow from our being immersed in and overflowing with the Holy Spirit. God's very Spirit living within us - unrestricted and incredibly active.

When we live this way, nothing else can have control over us. Nothing else has the power to overcome the power we have within us.

Instead, we let them creep in little by little, and we are even proud of our addictions.

We binge shows, can’t live without our coffee, have to shop, or don’t know what to do without our phones. All of these things have uses, but if they get in the way of living the way we were designed to be, we need to break free.

For today's challenge, ask yourself what you are addicted to. Give it up for one day. See if you can give it up for a week. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you where it has been getting in the way and what you should be doing instead. Then use that power to do it.

Photo: @thoughtful_camera

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