Fruits of the Spirit: Modesty

We hate this word, don't we? When we think of modesty, most of us picture ugly clothes, dreary hair, and no exposed skin. Or we assume it entails having the personality of a doormat, never taking credit for yourself and allowing others to step on you as they work their way up.

The Holy Spirit has no desire for us to be anything less that incredible. God made us and it was good, remember? We were made in God's own image, and that isn't anything to cover up at all.

Instead, modesty is an attitude that includes the physical, intellectual, and spiritual. It is a desire to attract attention to that which is truly good instead of that which is superficial or distracting. It is not about putting yourself down or not seeing yourself as beautiful.

You are amazing because God made you that way. Period.

Today, look at the way you dress, act, and pray. What message do people see and hear?

Imagine God talking about you that way. Is it something you would like to hear coming from God when He talks about you?

If there is something that doesn’t quite fit, change it and celebrate the beauty that is you.

📸: @thoughtful_camera

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