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Hold your eyes on God and leave the doing to Him- St. Jeanne de Chantal, Karen May, Amayzing Graces

How often do we feel like we don't have enough? Jesus asks so much of us and we have very little to give?

I don't have the right degree, the confidence, the skills, the ______________ (fill in whatever else you might be lacking)

In John 6:1-15, the disciples feel the same way. Crowds fill the hillside, they're getting hungry, and Jesus asks where they can get food. These are not rich followers of Jesus. These are poor fishermen, men of modest means who know that even a year's wages won't be enough.

All they have is the food from a young boy's lunch. Five loaves and two fish. Not enough.

Send them home.

Don't we say that when we look at the daunting problems we're asked to solve? Hatred, bigotry, drugs, poverty, homelessness, war...

Send them home. I don't have enough.

The thing is that we can't say that anymore than the apostles did. Not when we have Jesus with us. Instead, we offer what we have and somehow, He makes it enough. He will provide all that they need, all that they are hungry for. He will nourish those who come to Him, taking our simple offerings and making them more than enough.

He does it every day on the altar as we offer simple bread and cheap wine. Miraculously they are transformed from near worthless items to something absolutely priceless.

It is enough.

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