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A Taste of Heaven

The kingdom of heaven is at hand, Gospel of Matthew, Karen May, Amayzing Graces
"About death I go through different moods, but the times when I can desire it are never, I think, those when this world seems harshest. On the contrary, it is just when there seems to be the most of Heaven already here that I come nearest to longing for a patria [homeland or native country]"
- CS Lewis, Letter to Dom Bede Griffiths

Have you ever experienced anything like this? How much do we long for heaven when we experience difficulties, suffering, or evil? I think in those situations, we mostly want relief. Heaven is a nice concept, but not something very accessible in those moments.

But when you have those glimpses of heaven - when everything is working together, when your soul is at peace and the beauty of creation is beyond what you can contain, when your spirit is soaring because of God's touch in a moment of time - these are the times when the veil is so thin that you can almost see through it. These are the times when the pull is so strong that it is hard to imagine having to wait.

We can think that heaven and hell are only attainable after we die, but that isn't what we've been told.

"The kingdom of heaven is at hand." (Matthew 3:2)

It starts here. It starts now. Yes, you can come late to the party, but you miss so much if you do. Build the kingdom today. Open your heart and let Jesus give you a taste of home. You'll love it.

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