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Putting it All Together

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Have you ever cleaned out a closet? I mean, really cleaned out a closet? Every couple years, I clean out our pantry, which has also served as a storage facility for craft supplies, coloring books, writing notebooks, school supplies, and random trinkets that we just can't seem to throw away. It's a pretty big pantry.

Invariably, my husband walks in just as I have everything dumped out onto the floor of the kitchen and walks away in fear that it would never go back to normal. But that's when it's about to get the most productive, isn't it?

Well, I'm in that space for my next book right now. I'm doing something with the readings from the fifty days of Easter, as you may have noticed in my blog posts this season. Currently, everything is dumped on the floor. I've got all these readings in my head - Peter giving speeches, Jesus doing miracles and giving speeches, the Holy Spirit giving people the words and courage to give speeches, and healings and miracles spilling out all over the place.

Somehow, I think I can pull them all together into a hundred or so reflections. (Two readings, fifty days, one hundred reflections. 150 if I get adventurous and include the Psalms...)

It's coming together, piece by piece, but I'd like a little help. Give me your opinion on what you would like to see, and a vote on a possible title.

Here are the choices:


Would you like a personal daily reflection/devotional?

Or a daily reflection with journaling questions?


Becoming an Easter People: Easter Devotions for Every Day

Extraordinary Living in Ordinary Time: Bringing Easter into our Every Day

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Speaking of - if you liked my latest book Walking Through Holy Week, please give me a review on Amazon. I've gotten a lot of great feedback, but not a lot of reviews. Even if you didn't buy it there, you can leave a review. If I get up to fifty, it really helps me show up in searches and helps people know that it's a great resource. Thanks!

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