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Our Effort or God's Gift?

I heard a TED Podcast recently that talked about how quickly we can lose sight of an advantage or privilege we have been given and turn it into something that we did on our own.

In a game of Monopoly, one player was given twice as much money as the other and allowed to roll two dice instead of one. At the end, when they invariably won, they were asked why. Interestingly, the answers had to do with their skill in purchasing properties or in decisions they made about developing the properties. It never had to do with the fact that they were given a huge head start and double the opportunity to make it around the board each time.

It is so easy for us to forget that we have been given much to start with, especially when things come with little effort. It is much easier moreto make money from the stock market if you have a higher income with extra money to invest. It is much easier to work as a doctor or lawyer if you have no cognitive issues. It is much easier to work in sales if you have no social deficits.

Each of us have been given advantages. Each of us has been given gifts. All of these gifts translate into some type of abundance.

Rather than sit with that abundance, we are called to remember our advantage. We are called to remember our starting point. We are called to use the blessings we receive from it for the good of others who have different starting points than ours. We are called to remember that God has been good to us, and if we reflect His life in ours, we will be good to others.

What is your abundance? How are you using it in light of the advantage God gave you to get there?

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