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Releasing the Names

My heart is heavy today. Today the Catholic Dioceses of Texas released the names of all priests who have been credibly accused of sexual abuse with minors. As I have said before, it is important that we bring light to this darkness. It’s there. It’s not just local, it’s worldwide, and it must be revealed so we can move forward, correct the wrongs, and start anew.

The basis of our faith is not held in the perfection of our leaders. If that were ever meant to be the case, Peter would never have been chosen to lead anyone. But Peter it was, and Peter we will receive.

The basis of our faith is Jesus. Jesus who came to be one of us. Jesus who came to die for us. Jesus who came to open heaven for us. Jesus who came to show us how to live, how to love, and how to listen to and follow the will of God.

In times like this, it can be hard to remember where our faith lies. It can be difficult to see through the pain of betrayal, injury, and loss. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the problem.

Yet I have hope. I know that the cross is a necessary stop on the way to Easter. I know that the pain of sin is relieved by confession. I know that God is bigger than anything we can throw at Him. And I know that He has been building a new and strong foundation and it is up to us to stand firmly on it.

For ideas on how to find that hope for yourself, look at my 10 Things You Can Do in Response to the Clergy Abuse Scandal in the link below. Please comment if you have any other ways that are helping you deal with this.

God bless.

“For there is nothing hidden except to be made visible; nothing is secret except to come to light.” (Jesus)

(Mark 4:22)

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