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True Thanksgiving

I will wait upon the Lord, Advent, Jesus, Karen May, Amayzing Graces, Christmas

As we bring this month to a close and step into the season of Advent, we are reminded that all gratitude comes from the abundance we have in God.

The water that turned into wine at the wedding in Cana was well beyond what was needed and better than any wine that had been previously served. The 5 loaves and two fish that fed the 5,000 on the hillside were enough for everyone with twelve wicker baskets left over.

We are about to enter a season of anticipation and incubation. We wait for a promise that has not come yet. But soon, we will see the star at its rising. We will hear the angels proclaim the arrival of the promised king. We will hold the tiny baby in our arms as He is born into this world.

This is the true season of gratitude. November has just gotten us warmed up.

Are you ready?

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