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Joy in my Heart

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What brings you joy? Truly brings you joy? Have you thought about that lately?

I was thinking about that the other day. I have lots of things that bring me joy - laughing with my children, hiking outside on a beautiful, crisp fall day, sitting in front of a roaring fire in the fireplace on my porch, reading a good book, enjoying the company of friends.

As I was listing them all, I realized that none of them compared to the joy I feel when I am really connected with God. Those times when the Holy Spirit is filling my spirit without restriction are incredible, although they aren't as often as I would like. I turn my attention in other directions, or something knocks me off-center and I come down from the mountaintop.

When I have it, I just float through life and nothing can steal my joy. I see others with the love of Jesus and see His hand in everything I do. Prayer is easy and conversational. I love those moments.

All of those joyful things in my first list can help me get there. Those are the moments that I let go of the unimportant things in my life. Those are the moments that I focus on what matters and get the energy to do the things that are tedious but necessary. The key is to remember to give thanks for each one of them.

When we reflect on the gifts we have been given each day, and look for the grace in the things that were hard, we connect more and more with Jesus. Then, little by little, we head toward the joy and the peace that surpass all understanding.

What helps you find your joy?

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