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David and Goliath - Eyes to See

This video has a very interesting explanation of the story of David and Goliath. However, Malcolm Gladwell leaves something significant out of the story. Namely, God.

Some of his explanations make a lot of sense. But others fall short precisely because he leaves the miracle out.

This giant may have been unable to fight well, but the Israeli army didn't know that. None of them would go down to the valley, so there was something about the giant that none of them wanted to confront.

David may have been a great marksman, but he was not a soldier. Great soldiers could hit things with accuracy from very far away, but they had training in war. David was a shepherd who was bringing lunch to his brothers.

Yet, God gave him eyes to see that this giant was no more than a shadow. How many of our fears are the same. Even if it is something large and looming, the power of God and armor that He provides is much more powerful. It is an armor that is filled with peace, confidence, and love. In the end it wins every time.

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