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Coffee Date

Coffee Date, Making Time for God, Karen May, Amazing Graces

My husband and I have a standing coffee date every week. The day varies occasionally, but every week we carve out time to spend together without distractions and at a time when we can both stay awake.

(Our couple time used to happen after the children went to bed, but as they got older we could hardly stay up as late as they did, much less carve out time for coherent conversation.)

We don't have a set agenda for our dates, but we always have something we need to talk through, we would like to share, or want some insight on. It's our way to stay connected and keep the lines of communication open so that minor issues don't become major issues and major issues have space for work.

If I'm willing to work this hard on my marriage relationship, and it isn't actually that hard to find time for a coffee date, then shouldn't I be willing to put at least as much effort into my relationship with God?

So often we think that our God-time has to be something spectacular or difficult when in reality it can just be a few minutes - a coffee date. It doesn't matter what it looks like, it just matters that it happens.

Why do we put God first? Why do we give Him our best? Because when we do, it's so much easier to know His will. It's much easier to have peace in the life we are living and the situations we find ourselves in.

When we put God first, we already have a time set aside to talk. We know that we can bring small things, and if God cares about those, He will care even more about the big things.

What does your coffee date with God look like? What helps you set aside the time?

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