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What armor are you using?

The armor of God fills us with courage, confidence, hope, and love, Karen May, Amayzing Graces.png

A couple years ago, I did a study by Priscilla Shirer called The Armor of God. It was a great study, but something about it just rubbed me completely wrong. I would listen to the video and everything about me just hated it. I felt like she was yelling at me. The armor she was talking about seemed so defensive and aggressive and really didn't sit well with me.

Of course, when I'm reacting that strongly to something that everyone else is enjoying immensely, I know that God's got something in there for me. So I asked.

Why is this so wrong? What do you want me to see?

As I prayed, I was reminded of the story of David.His brothers were at war with the Philistines and he was too young to go. The two sides had come to a stand-off and Goliath challenged the Israelites to send their champion for a one-on-one fight. The winner took all, the loser became slaves. None of the Israelites wanted to go. Meanwhile, young David is delivering lunch for his brothers, and decides to take the challenge because he knows God is with him.

The king offers his armor for protection, but it doesn't fit and makes it much more difficult to move. David refuses it and only takes a sling, five stones, and a faith that I envy on occasion.

This is the armor of God. The armor of our world is full of anger, hatred, vengeance, punishment, and judgment (not the kind that separates right from wrong, but the kind that makes me better than anyone else). This armor doesn't fit and makes it very difficult to move. It makes it almost impossible to conquer evil. The armor of God, of our faith, fills us with courage, confidence, hope, love, and judgment to see what is right, what is wrong, and what needs to be done. It is freeing and light.

As we step into this fight, may we all put on the armor of God. Watch for those other pieces - they'll creep in before you know it. Take them off. The armor of God is enough.

Photo: A. May

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