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In honor of Mother’s Day, I want to share one of my favorite recipes from my mother. The whole family cheers when they see the giant pot of sauce simmering on the stove. I make two recipes, and it fits into a pot more appropriate for a crawfish boil!

It doesn’t take long to put together but takes a nice, long simmer to come to full flavor. It’s totally worth the wait. Of course, it’s never as good as when Grandma makes it. There’s just a little bit of extra love that brings a big finish to the dish.

Thank you to all mothers who cook for us, provide for us, and show us their love in a million different ways. And a special thank you to my mom. So much of who I am is a reflection of you, and I am honored when people tell me so. We rarely celebrate Mother’s Day together, and this year is no exception. I am grateful that distance has never stopped us anyway.
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