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Ideas for a Meaningful Quarantine Holy Week and Easter

Palm Sunday – preview day (Palm branches as Jesus enters Jerusalem, the Passion proclaimed, Jesus is crucified, dies, and is buried):

  • Put some green branches on your door.

  • Wear red, like the priests do, to remember the blood that is shed for you today.

  • Make crosses with whatever you have – long grass stems, twisty-ties, pipe cleaners

  • Read Karen’s book Walking Through Holy Week!


Holy Thursday – The Last Supper and the Agony in the Garden

  • Make bread (go big and make unleavened bread!)

  • Drink some wine

  • Create a home version of a Passover/Seder supper (the Last Supper was a Passover meal)

  • Wash your feet and/or the feet of the people in your home

  • Commit to a way that you can serve others after Easter

  • Go outside to pray

  • Take your laptop with the Mass livestream outside/on balcony for adoration time


Good Friday (Jesus’ death and burial)

  • Watch the second day of the Lenten Mission and reflect on Katie’s Stations of the Cross with her

  • Set up Stations around your house or yard and walk through them (could be a piece of paper with a number, a picture, or something super creative – send me pics!!)

  • Walk around your neighborhood or in the woods as you pray the Stations of the Cross

  • Build a cross or use one you already own. Sit with it in prayer for a while.



Holy Saturday (waiting, and the light of Christ breaks through the darkness – He is Risen! New members enter the Church through Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation)

  • Turn off all the lights and light candles in your home

  • If you can find them, shoot off confetti poppers or some kind of fireworks/sparklers to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection

  • Make a cake or special dessert

  • Ring bells, make music, blare joyful music

  • Take a dip in the Holy Hot Tub or swimming pool or just a nice, warm bath

  • Take a bite of your chocolate Easter bunny after the final blessing



Easter Sunday (The Resurrection)

  • Easter egg hunt in the back yard or the house

  • Make resurrection cookies (start these on Saturday)

  • Park in the church parking lot and honk your horn when the bells are rung in the Mass (as you watch on livestream)

  • Pick flowers or buy flowers for your home

  • Put out silk flowers

  • Clean your windows – let the light shine in without anything blocking it

Unless there is a Good Friday in your life, there can be no Easter Sunday – Blessed Fulton Sheen

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