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Register for the Calm in The Storm Class

The Calm in The Storm class is offered in two different formats. One is a live zoom class and the other provides you with video access to the sessions.

Register for the Live Zoom Class

Includes 6 live Zoom classes hosted and led by Karen may, a workbook, and a small group experience. The class will start on March 10th, and will be from 7-8pm, Central time for six weeks.

Register for Video Access

Includes 6 video sessions and a workbook. Videos will be available as they are presented and for a limited time after purchase. This option is perfect for self-study or hosting your own small group.

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Hear what others are saying ...

"Karen, I'll try to encapsulate this but I can't do it justice. The study with you and the women has been a beautiful blessing of peace and wisdom that descends into my mid-week like a lovely shower of hearts and jewels. In between the lessons, I find myself recalling or pondering something discussed and it brings me wisdom for a moment or peace or help."

"I am more mindful of my immediate surroundings and what is happening right now. I've also realized that God wants me to ask for prayers and be vulnerable to others. Normally, I'm the "suck it up" type of person who can handle anything on my own. It's actually more loving to others to ask for their prayers, instead of not bothering them with my life's situations, which is what I usually do."

"Calm In The Storm has helped me to focus on what God wants us to focus on, Him and not our own selves and fears which are real and can be overwhelming...think the way in which each lesson only build on each other is a perfect Calm for our storms."

"This course has helped me focus on self-care, something we Enneatype 2's neglect. I have a "peace plan" to bring an oasis into my day, am reminded of what I need to step off the treadmill of busy and refresh, renew, revive energy."

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