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Now, if you were telling the story of your involvement in a major event, you might tell your friends about the things you did wrong or the ways that you misinterpreted what was going on, but you would never share that part of the story as a part of your sales pitch to the rest of the world. However, we often see the disciples of Jesus in an unflattering light. This most significant of moments is no exception.

Surprisingly, [on the day of the Resurrection] Mary Magdala is the first one to the tomb, not one of the Apostles. Not only that, she’s a woman who used to have seven demons – not quite the highest level of society in this one. Then, [in John 20:1-9] they admit that Mary of Magdala has no idea what happened. The Gospels mention several times when Jesus predicts his own death and resurrection, and even as it happens, they miss it. Shortly afterward, the two disciples run to the tomb. One is too frightened even to enter, and only goes in after Peter shows up. Finally, they believe that Jesus has risen, but admit that they still do not understand what is going on. If they are trying to set themselves up as experts in their field, none of this is helping their case.

This is one of the reasons that the Gospels are given such credibility. So often we read the Bible as high literature, giving it an aura that covers what we are reading with a holy glow. Without denying that this is the Word of God, it is helpful to remove that glow and look to see the human side of the writers. Imagine that you had been a part of this incredible event. How would you explain it to people? How could you possibly tell the story? The best way is to tell it the way that it happened.

(Excerpted from Walking Through Holy Week)

Happy Easter everyone!

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