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The Second Station: Jesus Carries His Cross

Stations of the Cross, Alone, Karen May, Amayzing Graces

As Jesus carries the cross, there is an interesting parallel that comes from the Old Testament.

In Genesis 22:1-13, Abraham takes his son Isaac to a mountain in order to sacrifice him. As they walk up the mountain, Isaac unknowingly carries the wood for his own sacrifice. He looks around and asks his father about the sheep that they are to sacrifice, since they do not have one.

Abraham responds, “God himself will provide the sheep.” As an angel stops Abraham from sacrificing his son, a ram is caught in a thicket of thorns and offered in place of Isaac.

In our Gospel scene, Jesus, the only beloved Son of the Father, carries the wood for His own sacrifice. The Lamb is provided by God Himself, and His head is surrounded by thorns.

St. Augustine tells us “The New Testament is hidden in the Old, and the Old Testament is revealed in the New.”

The story of Isaac is not one of a demanding and unreasonable God, but a peek into the plans in the far distant future of a demanding and unreasonable people, and a God who loves them enough to give them what they need.

What is God inviting you to ask of Him right now?

If you’re just now jumping in, you can go to the beginning of the Stations here.

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